AFAANZ Awards and Grants


The Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand seeks to advance accounting and finance research by recognising and rewarding outstanding work of early career researchers. AFAANZ invites nomination for the Best PhD Award.  See Rules and Submission Procedures HERE.  The award is to be submitted to Dr Andrew Jackson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), the Awards Committee Chair by 31 March 2018.


The AFAANZ Research Grants Program is now open for applications.  Use this link to download the Call for Applications for further details and to submit applications.  Deadline for applications is 30 April 2018



Life Membership

Kim Langfield-Smith, Monash University
Michael Bradbury, Massey University
Philip Brown, The University of Western Australia  
Steven Cahan, The University of Auckland 
Barry J. Cooper, Deakin University                                                                             
David Emanuel, The University of Auckland
Robert Faff, The University of Queensland
Frank Finn, The University of Queensland 
Jayne Godfrey, Australian National University
Gary Monroe, The University of New South Wales
Robert Officer (retired)
Ken Trotman, The University of New South Wales
Tony van Zijl, Victoria University of Wellington
Ron Weber, Monash University
Stephen Zeff, Rice University

Fellow Membership

2017: Paul Wells     

2015: David Lont      

2014: Colin Ferguson (posthumously) and Sue Wright     

2013: Ian Eggleton, David Hay, Bryan Howieson and Gary Monroe

2012: Michael Bradbury, Philip Brown, Steven Cahan, Keryn Chalmers, Barry J. Cooper, 
David Emanuel, Robert Faff, Frank Finn, Robert Gibson, Jayne Godfrey, Philip Hancock,
Kim Langfield-Smith, Robert Officer, Ken Trotman, Tony van Zijl, Ron Weber, Stephen Zeff

Outstanding Contribution to Accounting & Finance

Education Award:

2013: Joint Award - Associate Professor Mark Freeman, the University of Sydney and   
           Professor Philip Hancock, The University of Western Australia      
2000: Professor Ron Weber, University of QueenslandUniversity           

Practice Award:

2011: Professor Roger Simnett, The University of New South Wales 
2008: Professor Jayne Godfrey, Monash University
2005: Professor Tony van Zijl, Victoria University of Wellington
2003: Associate Professor Malcolm Miller, The University of New South Wales
2001: Professor Michael Bradbury, Unitec New Zealand & Professor Ken Leo, Curtin University of Technology
1999: Professor Graham Peirson, Monash University

Research Literature Award:

2015: Professor Roger Simnett, UNSW Australia
2012: Professor Robert Faff, The University of Queensland
2009: Professor Robert H. Chenhall, Monash University; and Professor Wai Fong Chua, The University of New South Wales
2002: Professor Ian Zimmer, The University of Queensland
2000: Professor Ron Weber, The University of Queensland
1998: Professor Ken Trotman, The University of New South Wales
1996: Professor Philip Brown, University of Western Australia and Professor Ray Chambers, The University of Sydney

Research Grants

2017 - 2018 AFAANZ Research Grants Successful Recipients

Auckland University of Technology – Department of Accounting: Dr Sabrina Chong with Dr Anil Narayan.  Project Title: Utilisation of photographs for CSR disclosure by Australasian companies: A visual razzle-dazzle?

Australian National University – Research School of Accounting: Dr Xiu-Ye Zhang with Professor Greg Shailer. Project Title: Corporate Ethics and Tax Aggressiveness: Evidence from Foreign Bribery

Bond University – Department of Finance: Julia Henker with Mr Johannes Burger. Project Title: A study of confidence effects on risky asset prices and investor behaviour

Bond University – Bond Business School: Dr Adrian Gepp with Associate Professor Bruce BanstoneProject Title: Improving investment performance using automated fraud detection models

Charles Sturt University – Department of Accounting and Finance: Dr Jahanzeb with Dr Rachel Hogg. Project Title: Exploring the Generalisability and Usefulness of Professional Scepticism

Curtin University – Department of Financial and School of Accounting: Associate Professor Grantley Taylor with Dr Mostafa Hasan. Project Title: Debt maturity structure and stock price crash risk: Evidence from Australia

Edith Cowan University – School of Business and Law, Commerce Discipline:Dr Tricia Ong with Associate Professor Hadrian Djajadikerta. Project Title: Measuring and forecasting impact of new leases accounting standard on the airline industry

Griffith University – Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics: Associate Professor Majella Percy with Dr Troy Yao. Project Title: Presentation prominence: Does it matter to non-professional and professional investors? The case of 'Other Comprehensive Income

LaTrobe University – Department of Accounting and Data Analytics: Esin Ozdil with Professor Zahirul Hoque. Project Title: The Role of Performance Audits in Ensuring Stewardship and Accountability in Australian Public Sector Entities

Macquarie University – Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance: Dr Meiting Lu with Dr Shan Zhou. Project Title: Integrated Reporting, Audit Fees and Audit Quality

Massey University – School of Accountancy: Dr Radiah Othman with Dr Rashid Ameer. Project Title: A Two-Stage Analysis of financial statements’ misstatements using Benford

Monash University – School of Accounting: Dr Soon-Yeow Phang with Dr Gladys Lee. Project Title: Key audit matter (KAM) disclosure quality: Factors affecting audit committee members' responsiveness and independence when negotiating with auditors

Murdoch University – School of Business and Governance: Dr Terri Trireksani with Associate Professor Hadrian G. Djajadikerta. Project Title: Impacts of accounting students’ perceived career goals and expectations on their approaches to learning

Queensland University of Technology – School of Economics and Finance: Dr Yin Liao with Professor Adam Clements. Project Title: Improving mean-variance portfolio using a new estimator for optimal hedging relations

RMIT University – Department of Economics, Finance and Marketing: Dr My Nguyen with Assistant Professor Barry Williams. Project Title: National governance, accounting regulations and systemic stability: International evidence

Swinburne University of Technology – Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance: Dr Dina Wahyuni with Dr Subhash Abhayawansa. Project Title: Engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals: Evidence from Australian Public Sector Entities

University of Adelaide – School of Accounting and Finance: Dr Sujin Kim with Associate Professor George Shan. Project Title: Corporate governance, accruals and real-activities based earnings management: Southeast Asian evidence

University of Melbourne – Department of Accounting: Dr Gladys Lee with Professor Susanna Ho. Project Title: The Effect of Financial and Non-Financial Information on Investors’ Information Processing and Decision-Making: An Eye Tracking Study

University of Melbourne – Department of Finance: Assistant Professor Antonio Gargano with Assistant Professor Steven Riddiough. Project Title: The Value of FX Volume

University of Newcastle – Department of Accounting and Finance: Dr Asit Bhattacharyya with Professor Sue Wright. Project Title: The impacts of mandated CSR expenditure and financial inclusion on banking performance

University of New South Wales – School of Accounting: Dr Lili Dai. Project Title: When Does Reputation Matter? Evidence from Analysts’ Reliance on Management Guidance

University of Otago – Department of Accountancy and Finance: Dr Mansi Mansi with Dr Rakesh Pandey. Project Title: Board diversity and its impact on Greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption: A study of top 200 ASX listed firms

University of Otago – Department of Accountancy and Finance: Dr Eric Tan with Professor David Lont. Project Title: Whom You Know Matters: Manager Networks, Fund Performance, and Money Flows

University of Queensland – UQ Business School, Accounting Cluster: Natalie Xiaowen with Dr Karen Alpert. Project Title: Information Costs and Superannuation Choices in Australia

University of Queensland – UQ Business School, Finance Cluster: Dr Clara Zhou with Dr Kelvin Tan. Project Title: Can Business Shocks Explain the Failure of Empirical Tests of Capital Structure Theories?

University of South Australia – School of Commerce: Dr Reza Bradrania with Dr Sean Anthonisz. Project Title: Asymmetric risk and expected corporate bond returns

University of Southern Queensland – Department of Accounting: Dr Lyn Daff with Dr Claire Beatie. Project Title: The views of regional accounting and finance employers regarding preparing graduates for the continual changes in IT: a comparison between public practice, industry and government employers

University of Sydney – Department of Accounting: Dr Ava Wu with Dr Shan Zhou. Project Title: Integrated Reporting and Earnings Quality

University of Sydney – Discipline of Finance: Dr Byoung-Min Kyu. Project Title: Post-earnings-announcement drift and expected growth risk

University of Tasmania – Department of Economics and Finance: Dr Vladimir Volkov with Professor Mardi Dungey. Project Title: Measuring interconnectedness of the global equity market from historical decompositions

University of Technology, Sydney – Department of Finance: Dr Vitali Alexeev. Project Title: Warping Time: Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of Tick-by-tick Data in Portfolio Optimisation

University of Waikato – Department of Finance: Dr Geeta Duppati with Professor Robert Faff. Project Title: The Joint Effects of Ownership Concentration, Board Independence and Innovation on Idiosyncratic Risk

University of Western Australia – Department of Accounting and Finance: Dr Keith Godfrey with Professor Robert Faff. Project Title: Precious Metals Trading

University of Western Australia – Department of Accounting and Finance: Dr Chloe Choy Yeing Ho with Dr Jing Yu. Project Title: Do institutional investors recognise unburnable carbon? Evidence from private placements

University of Wollongong – School of Accounting, Economics and Finance: Dr Bin Liu with Dr Monica Tan. Project Title: Short selling and asymmetrical behaviour of idiosyncratic volatility

Victoria University of Wellington – School of Accounting and Commercial Law: Dr Binh Bui with Dr Thu Phuong. Project Title: Performance impacts of carbon management control systems

Western Sydney University - School of Business, Accounting Discipline: Dr Seedwell Sithole with Dr Rina Datt. Project Title: Learning with concepts maps in an Auditing and Assurance class

Western Sydney University - School of Business,  Accounting Discipline: Daniel Yeung with Associate Professor George Shan. Project Title: Carbon Disclosure and Managerial Ownership Entrenchment